The benefits

EDSSI: A practical solution for your institution

Whether you are a small or a large higher education institution, with great numbers of exchange
students or not, you have an advanced or a basic IT infrastructure, EDSSI provides you with a set of solutions to connect to the European electronic student services and securely exchange student
mobility data.

Simplified administration

Less paper, less time wasted! The digitisation of higher education mobility processes allows you to save time for what really matters.

Federated access management

The identification and authentication of higher education students and staff to any mobility management systems are secure and made simple. No need to input the data twice. No need to create new IDs for incoming students and staff.

Seamless exchange of data

Erasmus+ mobility management systems are no longer working in silos. You can exchange all the data you need to successfully manage your mobility programme.

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As the EDSSI L2 project has taken over the legacy of the previous EDSSI, we thought it would be more appropriate to give the website...

Hello EDSSI L2!

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