The benefits

Shaping the future of student services for Erasmus+

EDSSI builds reliable connections between all student mobility services to ensure full benefits for
the end-users. Student services providers can connect and take advantage of the EDSSI
infrastructure to ensure the uptake of their services by mobile students.

Direct connection to Erasmus+ mobility management infrastructure

Connect your system to the already existing Erasmus+ mobility management tools and access relevant information in real-time and in a standardised format.

Reliable electronic data exchange

Structured data is shared from one system to another, from one tool to another. An easy and automatised way to exchange student mobility data will reinforce the access to your services.

Simplified access

EDSSI enables EU login and eduGAIN authentication to all mobility management systems and secures trust in the use of your student services.

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European Student Card Initiative (ESCI)

ESCI develops a comprehensive set of electronic resources to facilitate student access to Erasmus+ mobility management tools. It will be available for all students in Europe by 2025. 

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Electronic Identification, Authentication and trust Services (eID.AS)

eID.AS provides a regulatory environment that enables secure and seamless electronic interactions between public and private entities and European citizens.

The eID.AS Regulation makes it possible for citizens and economic actors to use their national electronic identification schemes (eIDs) to access public services in the EU Member States where eIDs are available.

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eduGAIN is an interfederation service that connects identity federations around the world and simplifies access to content, services, and resources for the global research and education community. eduGAIN counts over 60 participating federations connecting more than 5,000 Identity and Service Providers.

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Erasmus Without Paper (EWP)

EWP is an electronic infrastructure that streamlines the Erasmus mobility management processes by introducing digital administrative workflows. 

EWP - one of the cornerstones of the new Erasmus+ programme and ESCI - will become an integral part of the mobility management for Erasmus charter for Higher Education holders by 2023.

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