Photo and video release waiver for participation in the EDSSI conference


European University Foundation (EUF) has co-organized, in execution of the EDSSI project, a closing conference to be held on May 18th which will take place in the M2 Building of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall (25 Martiou Street & Paralia, 54646 Thessaloniki);  

the participant, at the moment of registration  


to European University Foundation, located at Château de Munsbach 31, rue du Parc 5374 Munsbach Luxembourg, registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Luxembourg under no G190, to its authorized collaborators, the right to film and/or record, even through authorized third parties, with photographic and phonographic means on digital or any other current support, its image, voice, name, intervention and performance during the realization of the conference provided in connection with the EDSSI project.

The release of this waiver is voluntary but essential for the completion and participation in the conference in question. EUF will have the right to use and also publish the related videos, images and recordings, within three years from the event, within the scope of press releases for editorial purposes or diffused on institutional social networks, on monitors visible to the public during events organized by EUF, in any venue allowed by the law, by any known or future invented means, within the limits of the law, of all copyrights, of the rights granted and in any case of any other right related to the image and in full respect of the dignity and decorum of the subject filmed.

As a consequence of the above, EUF is the sole holder of the filming, recordings, interventions and whatever transited on the ZOOM platform during the above-mentioned conference. The shooting and the use of the images are to be considered free of charge. EUF will process the participant’s data and the contents recorded during the web meetings, for the purposes related to the project, as per the privacy policy statement referred to here, in full compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679. In compliance with applicable laws, it is also forbidden for all participants to the conference to record, photograph or disseminate in any way and by any means the whole or any part of the content emerged during the conference, which are images and/or data of any participant connected, even through screenshots of the screens.