The EDSSI L2 EU Student eCard Conference & Training will take place in Berlin, on June 27-28, 2023

The EDSSI L2 consortium has been working to enrich and enhance the Student Digital Infrastructure with a new student eCard system in Europe. As a result, the consortium is pleased to announce the “EDSSI L2 EU Student eCard Conference & Training” event which will be hosted by Humboldt University of Berlin on June 27th-28th, in Berlin. The 2-day event will be a platform to present and assess the findings of the EDSSI L2 project through engaging presentations, discussions, and training sessions. 

On June 27th, training sessions will be organised with the aim of appreciating:

  • the overall benefits of the components of the enhanced EDSSI L2 architecture to understand the overall logic of it;
  • the application of eSignature building block, its applications in the EWP and potentially in the internal systems of the institutions;
  • the operation and application of the EU student eCard platform and its modules to enable HEIs to use the platform or to adjust and/or update the current eCard system of the institution thus making it compatible with the EU student eCard platform.

On June 28th, the conference will take place with the aim of providing information and insights about the role of eCards in student administration, how commercial providers connect to the system, and how to leverage the benefits of the CEF building blocks at the HEI level.  

The event invites: 

  • Mobility, student affairs and client managers (e.g.: IRO, software provider consultant, student service provider officers etc.) associated to a HEI
  • Digital Officers of the National Agencies and Ministries
  • Technical staff of HEI, software providers or any associated organisation that work with eSignatures, eArchives or eTranslate building blocks
  • Technical staff of HEI, software providers or any associated organisation that work with eCards for university students.

Registrations for the conference are now officially open until June 3rd, 2023.

Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights and to enhance your knowledge and expertise into the future of student eCards in Europe. Register now and join us this summer in Berlin.

Participation at the event is free of charge, but registration is compulsory. Certificate of attendance will be issued upon request. Please note that this is an in-person event. Recordings of the panel sessions will be added on the EUF YouTube Channel at a later stage.


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