Training #3: the SSP Module

Join the EDSSI training #3 to discover the new Dashboard module on Student Services and improve the student mobility experience!

The most innovative element of the EDSSI project is the so-called “Student Service Providers (SSP) module” module on the Dashboard, that invites SSPs to the Dashboard and makes it possible to share their data with the partners and students of the HEI in a safe and comprehensive way in the context of the Erasmus+ programme.

But what are SSPs exactly? And why is it important for International Relations Officers to work with them? How does it increase the quality of student mobility? How can you use the SSP module tool, once it will be available for Dashboard users?

These and many other questions will be answered during the next EDSSI training on the SSP module, that will be organised online in the following format:

  1. Asynchronous session: a pre-recorded video session will be shared with registered participants a week before the training session, to introduce the topic and provide all necessary information for the interactive training.
  2. Synchronous training session: on the 28th of June from 10:00-12:00 to critically discuss and understand the role of the tool in mobility management.

Resources from the training:

  • Welcome and speakers introduction – Recording here.
  • The Student Service Providers: 3 diverse models – Recording here.
  • Two SSP representatives share their experiences – Recording here.
  • Main take-aways – Recording here.
  • Answers to questions raised – Recording here.
  • The EDSSI Architecture – Recording here.
  • Dashboard and the SSP Module: using the interface for SSPs – Recording here.
  • Q&A – Recording here.
  • Closing – Recording here.

Additional resources:

Pre-recorded video session about the Student Service Providers module here.

Practical information

Date: June 28th, 2022 (10:00-12:00 CEST)
Venue: online
Target group: Dashboard user International Relation Officers (IRO) (or equivalent in charge of the Erasmus+ programme implementation) interested in the role of student services for Erasmus+ students, as well as Student Service Providers (SSP) already working with Erasmus+ students or willing to discover the new opportunities to enter this market.

Aim of the training: To present a new module in the Dashboard specifically designed to connect SSPs and IRO and to facilitate the use and understanding of the tool. 

Learning outcomes:
The main expected outcome of this training is on one side to present IROs how to use the new module to support Erasmus+ project management and to facilitate their daily work while dealing with students’ requests concerning services. On the other side, the aim is to support SSPs to get in touch with International Offices and make available their products and services to Erasmus+ Students.

Skills development (soft skills):

  • Coordination: How to start to and coordinate the usage of the new tool;
  • Communication: How to communicate to and support IROs in using the new tool and how to support SSPs to build relations with International Offices and get more visibility of their services;
  • Strategic thinking: How to make sure a long-term strategy is set up so that the IROs and the SSPs will be supported in managing the Erasmus+ student mobility.

Main content elements:

  • Why is it important to connect SSPs and IROs?
  • What are the new functionalities module for SSPs in the Dashboard and how does it work?
  • How can my institution use the new tool and why is it useful to use it?

(The tool is currently available as a proof of concept on the Dashboard. Other mobility management softwares have not yet implemented this solution.)

Deadline for registration: June 21st, 2022.

Even if the deadline has passed, we are still accepting registrations. However, please note that by registering after the deadline, you might not have sufficient time to consult the materials prior to the live training session.

Photo by Michael Burrows